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My spare time addiction. Yes it runs under windows. Be gone.

Crafter price lists

Complete cost and price lists for crafters, in PDF format.

These were generated using Parsec's Nifty Crafting Cube, version 2.7. I used the default settings: guild markup 0%, remake markup 30%, retail markup 30%, 98% quality retail 120%, 99% quality retail 300%, masterpiece retail 1400%. No alliance discount and no tailor profit included. Consult the documentation of the program if you do not know what these things mean.

I do all my printing (yes, even from Windows) on Linux, using Samba to provide the printer service, which in turn calls GNU GhostScript to create the PDF output. I chose a 2-page layout so you can see all the columns for an item at once.

Maybe I will describe the process in detail later on my site; it appeared in a couple of magazines already. It's really neat :)

My characters

There are way too many of them. If I had focused on only a few, I could have two level 50s by now. At least. The ugly colours in the headlines are there to give players a hint which realm I am playing on a particular server.



For some not too obvious reasons - even to me - I deleted all my Midgard chars on Prydwen.



Sometimes I play Midgard. This mostly happens when I decided that Hibernia sucks. Most of the time, I return to Hibernia after a short time though :)


The european PvP server. I am not playing there anymore - for a reason.

DAoC links

My not so extensive link list.




My guilds

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