Some time ago, I got aware of the uproar that was created becuse the DVDs' content scrambling system, CSS, was broken, which created the possibility to play DVDs on systems other than proprietary soft- or hardware - i.e., whatever system the buyer of the DVD chooses to use to play the DVD.

I saw more and more pages being put down just because they linked to sites which hosted the cryptanalysis of CSS, or whose owners where threatened by the MPAA et al, the most prominent example being 2600.

As I thought the things happening there were wrong, I decided to contribute a tiny bit to the effort to spread the news and most of all distribute the cryptanalysis of DeCSS. I did two things: first, I typed a LaTeX version of the former ugly HTML of the cryptanalysis, and created a PostScript version of it too, for easier printing. Second, I put the analysis on my own site here and linked to the original site.

There is no link to the original site anymore because the page now sells some software. Not exactly what the whole thing is about. In addition, I have no clue how up to date the document itself is. Also, I have not taken part in any way in the cryptanalysis - no credit where it isn't due :-)

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