mapserver libraries and specs and data

Even though i spend a nice amount of my working time with this software, nothing on this website is associated in any way with my employer, MapMedia.


Never found a single list in one place of all the libs that can be linked into mapserver. So here we go.

OGC specs

Sometimes you have to read stuff like this: OpenGIS Implementation Specifications. Then it's probably a good idea when you know where to find it. Especially with the OGC's cryptic way to name their documents.

The following implementation specifications are fully or partially implemented in MapServer:

Data sources

It's not too easy to find usable and free GIS data on the internet, especially when free is to be understood as in 'free speech' and not just as in 'free beer (I did not make up this comparison). Please correct me if the data there is not as free for use as I think it is.

TIGER/Line 2002 data can be obtained from the US census bureau website.

There is 2.1 GB of digital elevation data (DEM format) available from LP DAAC. You might want to use their FTP site instead. They have additional data there for download, just look around for a while.

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